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Summer is right around the corner; time to put away those long trench coats and flaunt those sexy stilettos and sporty sneakers. While it can get pretty annoyingly hot out sometimes, summer is still our favourite time of the year isn’t it?

I mean we get to wear some of the most beautiful colours and vivid prints in Summer, we get to wear our micro denims or micro anything, and most importantly, nothing can beat the fun of going bikini shopping. Plus, we can switch from nude lipsticks to brighter colours as well.

Speaking of shopping and switches, it is indeed time for a handbag update. What with the bright and sunny days that await us this season, we do need to stay prepared so we don’t end up going to a party with our makeup all over the place if you know what I mean.

So here are 5 absolute essentials to go in your handbag this Summer season.


First on the list is of course a good sunscreen! Consider it your worst day if you’ve stepped out of the house without a sunscreen! That’s how important it is. Even if you are on the duskier or darker side in terms of complexion, you absolutely need a sunscreen. You know how merciless the heat can get sometimes and you don’t want to end up with burns lasting all through summer, spoiling the fun. Hence, have a light weight, preferably gel based sunscreen handy in your bag every day.

Face Mist                                                                                    

Second on the list is of course a good face mist. The heat is going to drain your body and face of its moisture balance. Especially if you’re going to be out all day, it can get pretty uncomfortable because you will be sweating constantly. A few sprays of a great smelling face mist can instantly refresh your face and provide a quick burst of moisture, not to mention the cooling effect. And I said great smelling because it can lift your spirits when you’re feeling too tired from being out in the sun. Besides, let’s face it, you’re going to be sweating a lot, so it’s always nice to have nice smelling stuff in your handbag at all times.

Perfume or deodorant

As mentioned before, sweat can become a real buzz kill! No matter how pretty your dress is, if you have sweat patches under your arms or anywhere else, it really doesn’t look cool. And let’s not forget the stench. So have a travel size deodorant or perfume handy at all times. Spray them on every once in a while so you can be assured that you don’t smell bad. And I’m saying deodorant or cologne because they are not that strong and it’s safe to use them more than once during the day.

Compact Powder

A good compact powder; one that is super lightweight and spot on in terms of your skin colour can save you from a ton of embarrassment. Excessive sweating can cause your makeup to run. So the first step is to have sweat proof makeup in the first place. Then you can touch up every once in a while with your compact to blot out any oiliness and ugly patches.


A scarf is your best friend in the Summer season; unusual to hear? Yes but it’s a great fashion add on, it can get quite sunny, and let’s be real, breezy summers are great and all but it can get quite cold too! You can use a scarf to cover your head and face while you’re on the road, so as to keep it from getting burnt. Evidently, it serves many purposes and it’s another item where you get to play with different colours and prints.

What else do you think should be on this list?


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