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It’s a night out, you finally got your hair, make up, and outfit sorted and are ready to hit it out! You grab your favourite acrylic clutch and remember you need to fill it in!

What else you need besides your credit cards, some cash, and lipstick? We’ve got you covered!

1- Pressed Powder

We all know the pain of having oily skin when you’re out and want to retouch your makeup.

Putting a pressed powder in your clutch can save you nightmares the next morning when you find yourself scrolling through endless oily photos. We’ve all been there, trust us.

2- Mini Portable Charger

Long gone are the days of forever lasting Nokias. Not that we miss them, we just rarely have a phone battery that lasts a whole day, let alone a whole night out.

If you don't fancy finding a powerpoint or asking the bartender to charge your phone, then carrying a small portable charger can save the day (and give you a piece of mind to endlessly use it on your commute and put that Spotify on)

3- Mini Portable Hair Brush

Is it humid? Rainy? Or Super hot and stuffy in the club? All the hard work getting your hair ready can be gone. Yep. Just like that. Having a small portable hair brush in your clutch can do wonders and bring back that silky, shiny, Pantene ad-like hair.

It’s a short term solution, but is an absolute big relief and totally deserves a spot in the clutch top 5.

4- Earphones:

You won’t need them when you’re out, but you will need them if you got a long train ride home.

5- A Snack

We’re not saying carry a footlong subway baguette (we wish), but a snack can come in handy when you’re a little hungry after a long night and also got a long commute. Think a small piece of chocolate, a granola bar, or some almonds (if you err on the healthy side).


Voilà! Now you can peacefully enjoy the champers xx



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